One of our recent success came from Bitcoin Cash where we made a premium forecast that anticipated the asset’s value to appreciate by 172% over the medium term.

On February 24, we shared a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) premium forecast with our members.  In that forecast, we suggested a low risk, high reward trade idea that had a high probability of generating huge investment returns, simply by taking a long trade position from $132.00 to $360.00 as shown in the chart below.

At the time, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was swapping for $154.90 per coin.

On April 3, the price of Bitcoin Cash reached our target level at $360, right after an impressive rally that followed our month-old forecast to a tee.

Below is the same chart taken 41 days later which shows how the market trended over that period of time.  By using a combination of analytical techniques, we were able to derive a trend projection with the highest mathematical probability for Bitcoin Cash.

As a premium member, you can take advantage of our expertise and experience to gain a clearer perspective of the market you trade even when it is often uncertain and impossible to predict.  Go premium now!